The Race of Flowers

Poetry, Press Release

April 2019

The Race Of Flowers is a trio exhibition between Amani Azlin, Shan Shan Lim and Xia Yi featuring fifteen artworks of photographs and paintings. The three artists draw inspiration from floral imagery to offer their own interpretation of the lives (and deaths) of flowers. They invite the audience to extend their gaze beyond the framed work to contemplate the real flowers in the exhibition space. Over the course of ten days, these flowers will wilt with grace as is intended by nature. This cycle of life and decay is an extension of the art on display, tying together the combined vision of the artists.

The exhibition is accompanied by a short poem by Kush Linfield:

If father or friend fail to instruct
Look elsewhere, child, to ground, to dirt.
Mark the race of flowers unplucked,
Whose proud petals a scent asserts.
Regard the infant bud in rain
That bravely joins the meadow’s ranks.
Heed most the rotting flower's frame,
Bowing low to earth in thanks.